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Our organization is dedicated to providing our members the educational arts and music resources and knowledge they need to build on their interests and hone their talents. Whether you are interested in drawing and sketching, color theory, fine art, multimedia, web design, or music education, our friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff of both professionals and volunteers is here and ready to thoughtfully guide you in the right direction, while still encouraging the creativity and passion or our members.

We are passionate about music and arts education in all stages and seasons of life and believe strongly in its positive effects on the larger community we share. Remember, a community with a collective hum of movement and rhythm is a community in sync. And a community in sync is best positioned to thrive and care for those within it.

To support music and arts education within our community, we depend on our organization volunteers and those that lead and organize for the benefit of the community. Several key members of include:

Thomas Bigley
Founding Owner and Community Outreach Manager. Thom specialized in string instruments. He's provided private music lessons on- and off-line.

Sarah Scott
Volunteer Administrator and Website Coordinator. Sarah Beth specialized in new media and web design. She's provided valuable insight that has benefited our online community greatly.

Mary McIntyre
Online Class and Community Event Manager. Mary was a public arts educator with a background in fine arts for several years. Now she enjoys sharing her love of people and the arts with the community.

It is through the hard work and dedication of these talented and motivated community members that our organization and website will continue to grow, thrive, and make some noise.

Make some noise of your own by contacting us today to share your special talents with our community of the arts. We welcome community member thoughts and suggestions for educational material to be published, shared within the community, or hosted as a community program. Visiting creatives of all types and skills are welcome, as are those with a newly ignited passion for the arts and music. We encourage everyone to get involved and expand their repertoire every day.